Web Design

Meridian Environmental Technology

Role: Lead web designer, content editor

Meridian is a technology company in the industries of road weather transportation services and information technology. Part of the design for Meridian's site was a desire for a clean, minimalistic look that would show form with functionality reflecting the pragmatic nature of the company.

This project required the efforts of the lead web designer, graphic artist, one programmer, and one systems administrator. In addition to the technical aspect for designing and deploying this site was the complete revision of existing informational content.

My role as web designer required research in to cleaner aesthetics and newer navigation methods. Settling for a modal window display to provide navigation with contextual direction provides visitors with a more direct and quicker acquisition of information. The choice of blue tones was based on the predominance of transportation agencies as our primary customers.

My role as content editor required me to consult with each department manager, gather materials from those departments from multiple sources, and bring everything together in a clear and easily understood presentation.