Web Design

"It Could Be Worse..." by Steve Edwards

Role: Web designer, graphic designer, site administrator

"It Could Be Worse..." is a popular web comic created by Steve Edwards. The cartoon strip celebrates life in small towns and in the country - from the mountains of Montana to the prairies of North Dakota. The cartoon is published in multiple newspapers in North Dakota and Montana, as well as the UND Alumni Review.

This project required me to fulfill all roles except the actual creation of the cartoons, everything from designing the site to cleaning artwork to maintaining the server and administrative aspects such as domain names and hosting.

My role as web designer required close collaboration with the customer to create a clean looking site that would emulate the cartoons. The layout of the site was constructed to showcase the latest cartoon on the main page, then archive all prior cartoons.

As a graphic designer, I used Adobe Photoshop to take Mr. Edwards' scanned sketches and clean the cartoons for a brighter, sharper image. Additionally, each image had to be resized and made to conform to site design for archiving.

As the site administrator, I was tasked with maintaining the domain names, hosting, searching for the best services and pricing, as well as developing the online store option for the site.